Mr. Vic Del Regno
6718 Fox Hollow Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33412

November 12, 2015

Dear Vic:

It is with my absolute pleasure that I write this letter with my strongest endorsement and recommendation to any professional institution dedicated to preserving military history.

With another successful viewing of your movie “Till Then” held at the Weaver Library in Providence, Rhode Island, it’s extremely difficult for me to comprehend why anyone would not want to view this first class film. It reaches the many sides of war experienced by those who have served and those who were left behind.

Your compassion to share the emotional intimate experiences of your mother and father’s relationship and the challenges they faced during the war are an untold story of many veterans. History repeats itself in many ways and this film tells a story just as important as the battle stories told.

It’s a tribute to you and your family to have the courage to share the human side of war so often left out. You not only covered the issues at home but the difficult trials of war and its harsh conditions on our veterans. Your movie is very detail orientated with historical accuracy on the locations and work performed by the US Navy Seabees of which your father was serving with in the South Pacific during WWII.

As the VP of Education and Interpretation of the Seabee Museum and Memorial Park it was my privilege to have worked with you on this journey of this great project that all started with an inquiry by you about your father and the Seabees.

From the inception of the project starting with research of your father’s Seabee Battalion and his time stationed at Davisville, supporting with the set up and filming of scenes on this historic location, providing period artifacts and reenactors for filming this truly emotional and accurate movie was a milestone event for the Museum.

Vic, keeping within the traditions of the Naval Construction Forces you have matched the motto: “With willing hearts and skillful hands the difficult we do at once the impossible takes a bit longer”. As a 20 year Retired Seabee Veteran and Civil Engineer Corp Officer, I think your father would say you have done a “Can Do” job of this film.

I wish you continued success in sharing this remarkable story and encourage anyone who has the opportunity and privilege to view it to do so, otherwise they will be missing out on important untold history.


Jack F. Sprengel
CWO3, CEC, USN, Ret.
VP, Education and Interpretation
Seabee Museum & Memorial Park

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