The son of a World War II US Navy Seabee discovers the untold truth about his parents from a box of old letters.

This starts him on a five year journey that takes him halfway around the world to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, and then back to his hometown of Nyack, NY.

The film captures the deep loneliness and hardship many couples experienced during the war, caused by being separated by thousands of miles, and for long periods of time.

This is a real life story, taken from the letters, that ties together the elements of love, betrayal, forgiveness, tragedy, and hope.

The documentary gives us a better understanding of the emotional cost of war, and how important it was to receive a letter, whether on the home front or the battlefield.

WW II Kitchen Reenactment at Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Museum.

WW II Tent Reenactment at the Seabee’s Museum in North Kingstown, RI

Greeting the Marulan Islanders. This island is near the Island of Banika where my father was stationed.

My father was an avid Yankee fan. The islanders wanted something from New York as a gift to be allowed to visit their island.

The young islanders put on a great welcoming show for us.

This photo is of their village.

These are rusting tanks on Guadalcanal.

This street, located in Blauvelt NY, is named after my Uncle Victor who died in "The Battle of the Bulge".