Rockland County – New City, NY

So this is a real piece of history actually getting down to the core, to the individual. A story that isn’t told in all the big movies other than if it’s told about generals or presidents. I think you’ve got a wonderful piece. Congratulations.

New City Library – New City, NY

The response was overwhelming as the film showed a personal side of war that is rarely examined yet universally understood and appreciated, especially by our veterans.

Culinary Arts Museum – Johnson & Wales University

It was nice to be able to see your great film again on a big screen and in the company of veterans.I must commend you on the production values, the location shooting, research and use of archival footage, and the over all tone and message of the film.

Seabee Museum and Memorial Park

Your compassion to share the emotional intimate experiences of your mother and father’s relationship and the challenges they faced during the war are an untold story of many veterans. History repeats itself in many ways and this film tells a story just as important as...

City of East Providence

You obviously made this film with great compassion, not just for your own family, but for all who have experienced a war, from the soldiers to their families and spouses to the inhabitants of the war torn islands.